Axis of Action | Nathan Whincup

Writer from Leeds living in Paris and having a WONDERFUL time.


Welcome to Axis of Action!  I’m Nathan Whincup, I’m a guy from Leeds currently living in Paris and working in the games industry. I love films, videogames, and rock ‘n’ roll. I’m hopelessly optimistic about most of these things, so you’ll mostly find everything I love on this site.

Why is this blog called Axis of Action?  To paraphrase Bill in Kill Bill Vol. 2, I guess I just thought it sounded cool.

billDAMN cool.

The axis of action is a cinematic term describing the on-screen spacial relationship between a character and another character or object.  As I said, it sounded cool, kind of like a supervillain task force.  Wikipedia has you covered if you want to know more, anyway.  There’s a diagram and everything.

You can expect to find reviews of films, videogames, gigs, music, and examples of my work for other publications here.

I’m available for freelance writing, and I’m damn good at it.  If you want to get in touch or commission me for a piece of work, hit me up at


A notice about ratings:

I rate videogames out of 10, and films out of 5.  I believe the five star scale is more fitting for films, where subjectivity tends to be a bit broader.  Videogames are rated more on technical merits, warranting a more specific scale of appraisal.  For me, words carry more meaning than the score at the end of a piece of writing, so I try to focus on that rather than obsessing over potentially arbitrary numbers. Don’t send me hate mail for giving Going In Style 2/5.

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